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    Slide 2: The Block L.A.

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  • The

    What began as a Crypto X NFT Who’s Who Networking Event, initiated during Art Basel Week in Miami, Florida, has now developed in Los Angeles with the intention of fusing business and entertainment to create a platform for NFT notoriety, Web3, and the metaverse economy. Held at the Goldstein Mansion on March 31, 2022.

  • NFT

    NFT LA will be featuring 50 top executives in the industry. NFT’s and the metaverse are becoming a mainstream staple and Los Angeles is at the epicenter of this movement. This event will be a place to learn more about the cutting-edge advancements and claim your place in the industry.

  • Web 3

    Exclusive Launch and first time reveal of a never-done-before revolutionary Web3 platform that will dramatically change the way people, specifically power influencers, can access and become owners in a professionally managed VC portfolio that’s going to change the game moving forward  

  • NFT Gallery with Blue Chip Artist

    NFT drops and auction activations include: A custom collaboration with world renowned DJ Steve Aoki, Ali Sabat showcasing his collections of Tokyo Punks, Healing Codes and The Girl, artist Smearballs/Nick Denboer, collection of Deadmau5 head NFT art pieces